Galxyz Creator Talks Teacher Shortage and The Role Games Can Play

Entrepreneur Osman Rashid’s extensive experience in the field of education and technology helped him create the intergalactic science adventure Galxyz. 

Now Rashid shares his vision of the future in this VentureBeat article, where he explains how Galxyz, and games like it, can combine movies, games and science to become the next generation of teachers.

Royal Deer Design is proud of Osman Rashid and the positive press he has received.  We are honored for our role in helping build Galxyz’s online presence, and wish Osman and Galxyz continued success.

The official launch of the new BDA Partners website


Royal Deer Design is pleased to announce the official launch of the new BDA Partners website. Working closely with BDA Partners to ensure a smooth transition, Royal Deer Design helped to design the new website and branding with updated colors, logos and a new URL. The website and branding relaunch coincide with the company’s name change from Business Development Asia LLC to BDA Partners.

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